How to buy RDAO tokens using ETH, BTC or Paypal.


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1. Type on your browser

2. Click on the ETH Logo to pay with Ethereum

3. Connect to Ethereum Mainnet on your Metamask wallet and click send

4. Add Recipient on the search box type or paste recipient link 0x1c37d85070e1277a4308f40bb7c156a6348f9acd then click on it.

5. Once is selected it should look like this. select ETH asset and input desired amount. Click NEXT

6. Click CONFIRM

7. Click this button to COPY transaction no.

8. PASTE transaction no. on the space for verification. Click SUBMIT

 9. You will be prompted with a successful saving of transaction ID. Verification and approval within 24 hours. 

*You can also watch this Instructional VIDEO link below on how to pay with ETH -


1. Click on the BTC logo to pay with Bitcoin

2. Open and send BTC to or paste this link:

0x1c37d85070e1277a4308f40bb7c156a6348f9acd and click CONTINUE

3. MINIMUM BTC AMOUNT TO BUY - 0.00010000 click SEND NOW

4. click DONE

5. CLICK on VIEW Transaction and you will be redirected to 

6. copy the transaction link: highlight the tx no. after the btc/tx/ as shown below

7. paste the transaction no./id on the box for verification and approval within 24hrs

Paying with PAYPAL

1. Click on the PAYPAL Logo

2. Choose your PAYPAL account you would like to use and Click CONTINUE

3. Select the amount you would like to send for payment for the tokens and click Continue

4. That's it payment successful. wait for the verification and approval within 24hrs

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